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Old Rajans 79/80 Group is a group of Old Boys of Dharmaraja College, Kandy, who did their GCE(O/L) in the years 1979 and 1980



Our Objectives

To work for the betterment of Dharmaraja College
To improve the friendship and relationship among Old Rajans of 79/80 group
To protect the unity between the Rajans groups and Old Rajans


Our Aims

 To provide possible assistance and services to Dharmaraja College
 To appreciate the services of those who serve to improve Dharmaraja College
 To help students of Dharmaraja College those who has financial and social difficulties
 To participate for the events of the College
 To help members of 79/80 Group  those who has financial and social difficulties


Land Mark Activities 

(See under each year for other activities)

Organized teachers felicitation ceremony "Guru Uphara Ulela" in 1998
Development of  College Archives started in mid 2001 and expecting to complete at the end of 2002


Contact Information

No 114, Yatinuwara Veediya
Sri Lanka
          Telephone +94 8 226898
Fax +94 74 475823
Chief Organizer
Mr. Kumudu Fernando
Telephone     +94 8 233375 (Home)
                    +94 8 222275 Ext RPA Dept (Office)
Mr. S.M.K.B.Samarakoon
Telephone     +94 8 499199 (Home)
                    +94 8 234364/224424 Ext 37 (Office)
Email:  kamalanath@ieee.org
Dear Members of the group:
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